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7,777 cc0 frENS, shilling nonsense, yelling
at Nick. eth, and praying for SIWE.


Key Info

7,777 cc0 frENS, shilling nonsense, yelling at Nick.eth, and praying for SIWE.

Whitelisted.eth Mint (Done)

Date: 8/6/23 (Open 6 Hours - 9:00AM EST - 3:00PM EST)
Price: 1 Free & The Ability to Mint an Extra 3 on the Same Transaction
Maximum: 4 per wallet (1 Free & 3 Paid) supported

Public Mint (Done)

Date: 8/6/23 (3:00PM EST - Open Until Mint Out)
Price: FREE
Maximum: 25 per wallet

Post-Mint Info

Pre-reveal Stage:
Pre-reveal will last 5 days - Sunday 8/6/23 - Friday 8/11/23 (Reveal @ 3PM EST)

Post-reveal Stage:
The frENS Team will always be watching volume ;). Multiple snapshots will be taken to reward those creating volume and holding their frENS tightly. We can’t wait to share what we have planned with our frENS.

Mission Statement

To draw mass awareness to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Protocol through active marketing and community building

The frENS team is proud to honor